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Problem: Safety and Code Compliance Concerns
Many industrial facilities utilize pin & sleeve or twist type plugs and receptacles to connect welders, pumps and other portable equipment. These devices are potentially dangerous if a worker withdraws the plug under load because most pin & sleeve and twist type devices are not intended to be connected or disconnected under load. Doing so may expose users to live contacts and arc flash hazards that can result in serious injuries.

Solution: Install Switch Rated Plugs & Receptacles
Meltric's Decontactor Series plugs & receptacles are a combination plug, receptacle and disconnect switch in the same device. The device's integral switching function ensures that the contacts are safely de-energized before the plug can be withdrawn. OSHA/NFPA 70E and CSA compliance is greatly simplified because the Decontactors safety features ensure electrical safety when connecting and disconnecting equipment.
Decontactor safety features ensure a safe work condition
•  100kA Short Circuit Ratings
   Decontactor Series plugs and receptacles feature make and withstand short circuit ratings up to 100kA



•  Dead Front Construction
   The receptacles dead front construction prevents unintended access to live parts


•  Enclosed Arc Chambers
   Safely contain arcs and prevent exposure to the outside environment



•  Lockout-Tagout Capabilities
   Decontactors can be easily locked out and tagged out


•  Horsepower Ratings
   Horsepower ratings allow the safe make and break of motor loads up to 60 hp


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