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DR plugs and receptacles are excellent for safely disconnecting resistive loads. Carrying the same product features as the popular DS product line, DR’s are commonly used in convention centers and in the entertainment industry. Model DR 100 is suitable for load breaking up to 600 VAC. Models DR 50 and DR 150 are suitable for load breaking to 250 VAC or for non load breaking to 600 VAC.


PN Series plugs and receptacles offer superior safety, durability and electrical performance relative to competitive devices. They feature Meltric's spring-loaded silver-nickel butt contacts in a compact design that is ideal for use on small equipment (up to 30A, 600V) and other applications where space is limited. PN devices are available with up to IP66+67 environmental protection. Available casing materials included glass fiber reinforced polyester (PBT), epoxy coated Zamak and aluminum. The aluminum cased models are designed to withstand high temperatures and can be used in applications up to 365°.


WS devices allow users to make fast and reliable connections of welding cables. Their spring-loaded silver contacts provide connections that are unaffected by cable movement or vibration and operate with a self-cleaning wiping action that ensures a reliable electrical connection every time.

Voltage: 50 VAC Max
Amperage: 325A Continuous, 500A Intermittent


Meltric's LC battery connectors are made with spring-loaded, silver-nickel butt style contacts, which are operated by means of a lever. This design ensures a superior electrical connection and the quick and easy operation of the device. The lever also provides a means of locking the units together to help prevent accidental disengagement. By contrast, many competitive battery charger connectors use sliding contacts. Because of how they operate, sliding contacts cannot provide the electrical performance, the durability, or the quick breaking capabilities of Meltric's lever operated and spring-loaded, silver-nickel butt contacts.

Voltage: 500V DC Max
Amperage: 75A-200A

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