Meltric Sales | Meltric Products Feature Butt Style Pressure Contacts

Meltric products feature spring loaded butt style pressure contacts similiar to those used in motor starters.

  • Spring loading of the contacts, via a coil spring, provides constant pressure and performance
    over thousands of operations.

    With competitors pin and sleeve devices contact quality is low. Wear associated
    with high friction and oxidization is likely to further deteriorate the contact quality.

  • Spring loaded plug and receptacle disengagement provides a consistently fast disconnection, reducing the probability of arcing.

    With competitor's pin and sleeve devices disconnection speed is operator dependent,
    increasing the probability of arcing.
Contact pressure is one of the key parameters that determines the quality of a contact. The relatively high contact pressure developed by butt style pressure contacts provides for lower contact resistance than does competitive pin and sleeve devices.
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