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Get the switch for free!
When you buy a Meltric plug and receptacle you effectively get the switch for free. That’s because Meltric Decontactor™ Series plugs and receptacles are UL, CSA, and IEC switch rated. They are safe to make and break under full load, eliminating the need to purchase auxiliary mechanical interlocks or disconnect switches. Plus, connection flexibility allows easy “line of sight” location.
Labor Savings

When Meltric Decontactor Series plugs and receptacles are used to connect motors and other equipment instead of hard wiring or using pin and sleeve devices there is

    Less man hours needed to change out equipment.

    Lower hourly labor costs (work can be performed by a mechanic instead of an electrician).

    No need to don special personal protective equipment (PPE).

Long Life
The contacts on Meltric plugs and receptacles are covered by a five year limited warranty. The durable construction of our products allows them to last even in harsh environments.

    Solid silver-nickel (85/15) butt contacts are similar to those used in contactors and       switchgear. They combine the outstanding electrical properties of silver with the excellent       mechanical properties of nickel.

    Spring-loaded butt-style pressure contact technology offers consistent performance over        thousands of operations.
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