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Meltric Decontactor™ Series Motor Plugs... Ideally Suited for the Wastewater Industry.

Decontactors are a combination plug and receptacle and disconnect switch in the same device. In addition to providing a safe and convenient electrical connection, they also provide the NEC required 'line of sight' disconnect. They allow users to safely and easily make and break electrical connections even under full load. Using Meltric Decontactors to connect motors instead of hard-wiring can help reduce motor change-out downtime by as much as 50%.



Simplify Maintenance

Decontactors allow mixers and other equipment to be safely connected with plug and play simplicity. Mechanics can easily replace or service equipment without needing an electrician on site and without the need for electrical PPE, as required by NFPA 70E. Equipment change-out times are significantly reduced, worker exposure to harsh environments is minimized,and re-wiring errors are eliminated (no more motors running backwards).

Simplify NEC Code Compliance

Using Decontactors to connect pumps, grinders (shown) or other equipment, automatically provides the NEC required 'line of sight' disconnect. The installation of Decontactors is a simple and cost effective means of achieving code compliance on new or existing installations. Decontactors function as a local disconnect and provide positive visual verifications that power is off. The need and expense of a separate disconnect switch is eliminated.

Provide Durable Connections

Decontactors are ideal for connecting submersible pumps in both indoor and outdoor applications. Their spring-loaded, silver-nickel butt-style contacts provide consistently superior electrical performance over thousands of operations and are resistant to wear, corrosion, oxidation, and other factors that contribute to the premature failure of pin & sleeve devices. They also feature a patented, spring assisted, screw terminal design that helps prevent connections from loosening over time due to conductor yield and vibration.

Ensure Safety for Maintenance Personnel

In addition to the safety benefit inherent in the contact design, all Decontactors have dead front construction, enclosed arc chambers and short circuit make and withstand ratings of at least 10kA. The dead front prevents user access to live parts and the short circuit rating ensures safety during insertion, even under overload or locked rotor conditions. Decontactors eliminate the safety hazards associated with pin & sleeve devices.


Submersible Mixers
Submersible mixers and pumps are used throughout a typical wastewater treatment plant, as well as, at remote lift stations. When used to connect power to submersible mixers or pumps, Meltric Decontactors offer...
• Safety
Workers can safely make and break electrical connections under full load. The dead front prevents access to live parts.
• Easy Equipment Change-outs

A mechanic can break the power, service or replace
the mixer, and reconnect power. There is no need for
an electrician on site.

• Low Costs
Decontactors are UL, CSA, and IEC switch rated.
You effectively get a disconnect switch for free.
• Design and Installation Simplicity

There is no need to locate and install auxiliary disconnect switches or mechanical interlocks.

• Long Life
Robust materials and construction resist harsh environments. Butt-style contacts perform for
thousands of operations.
• Extended Functionality

Optional pilot contacts allow facilities to easily interlock with motor starters and monitor key parameters, such as, thermal alarm or seal failure.

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