Meltric Sales | DS / DSN Decontactor Series Switch Rated Plugs Receptacles

The DS & DSN Series Decontactors are based on a similar design concept. Together, they provide a range of switch rated plugs & receptacles that allow users to safely and easily make and break connections under full load in applications up to 200A and 25 hp

. In conjunction with their automatic watertightness, this makes them the ideal choice for most industrial applications. The larger DS Series provides NEMA 3R protection suitable for most outdoor applications, while the DSN Series provides a more compact device and the NEMA 4X protection required for washdown applications.


Automatic Watertightness

On many pin and sleeve devices, an additional plastic ring must be tightened in order to ensure the achievement of rated watertightness. Users frequently fail to do this, resulting in leakage.

Meltric solves this problem with its DS and DSN DECONTACTOR Series plugs and receptacles, which achieve their rated watertightness of up to NEMA 4X simply by mating the plug with the receptacle. After the removal of the plug, rated watertightness is maintained for the receptacle by simply closing the lid.








Product Amperage Voltage Frequency Horsepower Short-Circuit Environmental Temperature
DS 20-200A 600VAC*, 250 VDC MAX 50-400 Hz 1/2 to 25 hp 65kA to 100kA*** NEMA 3R, IP54/55** min -40Fmax 140F
DSN 20-60A 600 VAC*, 250 VDC Max 50-400 Hz 1/2 to 20 hp 100kA*** NEMA 4X, IP66 +67 min -40Fmax 140F
* DS200 and DSN20 devices are 480 VAC
** IP54 rated when receptacle and plug are mated. When not mated the receptacle alone is IP55 rated provided that the lid is latched closed.
*** DS20, 30, 60 & 100C and all DSN's are rated 100kA. Testing was performed with RK1 current limiting fuses sized at 400% of the highest full      load motor ampacity associated with the devices hp rating. DS100 & 200 are rated 65kA. Testing was performed with RK5 time delay fuses      sized at 100% of the devices rated ampacity.

Category UL CSA IEC
Plugs and Receptacles UL 1682 C22.2 No. 182.1 50309-1
Branch Circuit Disconnect Switching (AC Only)

UL Subject 2682
(Performance tested to UL 98)

UL Subject 2682
(Performance tested to UL 98)
60947-3 (AC22 or AC23)
Motor Circuit Disconnect Switching (AC Only) UL Subject 2682
(Performance tested to UL 508)
UL Subject 2682
(Performance tested to UL508)


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